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Social media promotion

1. Choose a size and select icons which you want to use on your website:

  • You can change the order of the icons by dragging them with your mouse.
  • Services, which allow to show counters, are marked with orange dot.
Total buttons: 42
  • 32x32
  • 24x24
  • 16x16
Select/unselect all Invert selection
Social sharing services:

You can save the current configuration (marked icons, order of icons and selected options) for future use. You can create any number of configurations.

Save the configuration - Safe and fast promotion on Instagram and YouTube. You can get likes, views and subscribers inexpensively and for free on the website Lowcostsmm. - Real likes, subscribers, and views for Telegram, Tik Tok, TouTube and other social media.

2. Select desired options:

3. See how it will look and/or download the script
You did not select any icon

4. Install the script on your website:

  1. Unpack the archive.
  2. Upload the "share42" folder to your website via FTP or via web hosting control panel (if desired, you can rename the folder).
  3. Specify the path to this folder: , for example,
    Click here to check: .
    If you see the contents of the script, then the path is correct.
  4. Select the most appropriate type of website:

  5. Insert into the template of your website the following code (just before or just after the main text of the page):

    <div class="share42init" data-url="<?php the_permalink() ?>" data-title="<?php the_title() ?>" data-url="<?php print $node_url ?>" data-title="<?php print $title ?>" data-url="[url]" data-title="[title]" data-top1="150" data-top2="20" data-margin="0"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    The parameters you can specify
    Parameter Description Example of usage
    data-url link to a page <div class="share42init" data-url="">
    data-title title of a page <div class="share42init" data-title="Page Title">
    data-image link to an image [1] <div class="share42init" data-image="">
    data-description description of a page <div class="share42init" data-description="Page description">
    data-path path to a folder containing icons.png file <div class="share42init" data-path="">
    data-icons-file name of the file with icons <div class="share42init" data-icons-file="my-icons.png">
    data-zero-counter 1 - show the zero counter, 0 - don't show the zero counter <div class="share42init" data-zero-counter="1">
    The parameters for the vertical panel
    data-top1 distance from the top of the page to the panel, in pixels <div class="share42init" data-top1="150">
    data-top2 distance from the top of the visible area of ​​the page to the panel, in pixels <div class="share42init" data-top2="20">
    data-margin horizontal displacement of the panel, in pixels (negative value - to the left, positive value - to the right) <div class="share42init" data-margin="-70">

    [1] data-image parameter does not work for Facebook. Wherefore add the following tag inside the <head> tag on your website:

    <meta property="og:image" content="" />
  6. Done.

About - is a free service that generates a script that allows your visitors to post links to your articles in social media (bookmarks, social networks).

You can read about the advantages of using this script in the appropriate tab.

Script allow to:

Advantages of the script:

– Beautiful icons.
All icons are made in the same style and look beautiful.
– The small size.
The code of the script is perfectly optimized. In addition, it will be cached by the browser.
– Easy to install.
Download the script, upload it to your website, connect it to the website.
– No extra links.
All links are made via JavaScript, so when you install the script the number of outbound links on your website will not increase.
– No extra HTML code.
You add just two lines of the code in the template of your website, and all the HTML code of the buttons is generated with JavaScript.
– Without requests to third-party sites (exception - if the "Show share counters" option is active, script sends requests to the sharing services).
There are many situations when the website opens too slowly, because the script is loaded from another website. Installation of the script on your website will allow to avoid this problem.
– Can be added to almost any website.
The script is universal, it will work on any type of a website which has a FTP access.
– Uses only one image (sprite).
It will reduce the number of requests to the server that hosts your website.
– You choose the icons of social media that will be displayed on your website.